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♫♪♫♪ Morning Melodies 2014 ♫♪♫♪

First Wednesday of each month,

Starting at 10am till 12pm

Morning Melodies is free to attend but
we do ask that you stay on for lunch.
Performers for 2014
DATE                             PERFORMER

Wed 5th Feb                      PAUL HOGAN - Swing classics

Wed 5th March                  JANENE JOY - Broadway Melodies

Wed 2nd April                    ROBYN MILLS - Singing Songbirds

Wed 7th May                      FRANK AMOROSI - Golden Voice

Wed 4th June                         TAS DIMTSIS - Funky Elvis

Wed 2nd July        
HANS DE BAKKER - MrShowtime/Christmas in July

Wed 6th Aug                           SUE CORRELL - 60's Show

Wed 3rd Sept                       GABRIELLE PARBO - Beehive

Wed 1st Oct                      MARCEAU CAMILLE - Mr Versatility

Wed 5th Nov                       PAUL HOGAN - Swing Classics

Wed 3rd Dec                            SUZY SINGER - In Cabaret